Stylexe CP posted Nov 16, 16

Hi everyone,

in the last couple of days we had a Playtest server up and running for the new version of Embankment.

Now that we collected your feedback, fixed bugs and made balancechanges etc., we think Embankment is in a playable state, and started 2 servers up for now.

The Servers are located in NA, but we got you covert. Soon we will have EU servers up and running as well.

You can find all our current servers on the Server Status tab.

We will continue monitor the gameflow and see if any more changes have to be made.

You can report stuff directly to us via the ingame chat commands /report <message> or /bug <message>

Let us know if you have anymore questions, feedback etc..

For now we wish you the best of fun!


Rose.Luck409 How do I become VIP?
RyanPlays How do you make the components invisible in your inventory? is it a plugin if so can i have a link to it?